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Aaron Miller

Welcome to the mind of Aaron Miller. Originating in Florida, USA, Aaron spent most of his young adult life around marine life and the beautiful beaches of his state. 

His life changed when he decided to take after his father in becoming a firefighter & paramedic. Aaron is supported by his wife and two children, who provide him the inspiration to get his amazing works of art out for the world to see. 

Aaron's passions are vintage trucks, fishing, baseball and being in the outdoors. He has a wonderful appreciation for our world and teaches his children to share the same love as he does.   Aaron seeks inspiration in his art through Lost Enterprises surf board art from the 90's, Ed Roth, Von Dutch and Andy Warhol. 

We're excited to team up with Aaron and put his passions in a truly unique form. Follow Aaron on Instagram for more amazing pieces of art @millerdigitalart


This set contains 3 individual boards that when aligned together create a beautiful masterpiece.  

Our custom skateboard wall art is made from high-quality, 7-ply, 100% maple, making it the perfect statement for any room. Say goodbye to bland and boring walls and say hello to wow factor. 

· Each board measures 32 inches long (81cm)

· Each board measures 8.25 inches wide (21cm)

Each individual board comes with two wall mounts and screws. Each set has enough wall mounts and screws in the packaging for each board. The mounts protrude allowing for a 3D effect. Get creative and use coloured lighting to really emphasise your new wall art. 

This truly one of a kind piece of art can be yours today. 

Due to popular demand and the size of the packaging, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery (normally less). 

Price includes 3 art boards. 

Please note grip tape, wheels, bearings and trucks are not included. This board is pro-grade meaning if you'd like to purchase it to be skated on you definitely can!